Return To My Trees is a new book, inspired by a walking adventure through Wales exploring how we lost our connection to nature and how we go about rebuilding it.

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Praise for Return to My Trees

“As our forests begin their fiery, season display – and our awareness of deforestation become ever sharper – Matthew Yeomans’ reflective travelogue exploring our vital relationship with trees is a timely release.”

– National Geographic Traveller

Return to My Trees is the author’s tale of reconnecting with the natural world as he follows trails that loop their way through hills and valleys. National forests, he suggests, could help make nature an “integral part of a national identity”; a proposition that should spread far beyond the Welsh borders.

– The New Statesman

“As Yeomans falls back in love with nature and finds his own anxieties soothed, the reader feels the same sense of optimism and connection.”

Geographical Magazine

“Yeomans has written a rather interesting book…full of fascinating bits and bobs about
Cymru, all relayed casually as he tramps the beautiful land of his fathers. It drops attractive leaves of lore, culture and history.”

John Lewis Stempel in Country Life Magazine

“An important contribution to the climate and biodiversity emergency [debate].”

– BBC Countryfile Magazine

A delightful account of a walk across Wales under the canopy, in search an answer to the question that vexes many – why are trees so important to us.

– Robert Penn, author of Slow Rise and The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

‘A beautiful, gentle adventure through Wales’ wild wonders and history that will leave you cursing at the bog-like morass of modernity, but hopeful the forested path to a better future might just appear beneath our feet.’

– Ed Gillespie, co-presenter of Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts

‘If the Wales coast path is about walking the shape of a nation, this book is about walking its heart and soul. In this delightful exploration of a potential Welsh National Forest Trail, the author sheds new light on Wales’ identity and mythologies through its trees both absent and present. Crammed full of things you never knew, this is a joyous journey of the mental and physical release brought about by walking and nature.’

– Jane Davidson, author of #futuregen: Lessons from a Small Country

Yeomans’ new book, “Return to my Trees”, brilliantly captures the personal catharsis provided by his decision to discover his home country of Wales on foot, as well as providing an intimate, first-hand account of the sustainability challenges facing our planet.

– Oliver Balch, author of Under the Tump and Viva South America!