Owain Glyndwr

Known as the last prince of Wales, Owain Glyndŵr launched a revolt against the rule of Henry IV on September 16, 1400. Glyndwr was an unlikely revolutionary. He was a middle-aged welsh nobleman at the time of the revolt but his allegiances lay with King Richard II who Henry overthrew.

Glyndwr raised an army against Henry and quickly captured a large chunk of north and mid-Wales. Glyndwr captured the hearts and spirits of many in Wales and the Welsh living in England. It was said that young Welsh men studying at Oxford University left abruptly to join the rebellion.

In 1404 Owain Glyndwr established an independent Welsh parliament in the town of Machynlleth. But Welsh self-rule was short-lived. Within a decade Henry had attacked and routed Glyndwr’s forces, reclaiming power. Today though, Owain Glyndwr’s legacy is still considered the standard bearer and guiding spirit for an independent Wales.