The Mythic Map

Return to My Trees introduces you to a host of Welsh characters from history, legend and folklore. In this map, we highlight a few of the characters you can learn about by reading the book and walking the trail.

1. Curley Oak At nearly 1000 years – this could be the oldest tree in Wentwood Forest
2. King Arthur Was Caerleon, a Roman town on the banks of the River Usk, the real home of King Arthur’s Round Table?
3. The Virgin in the Oak When a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared in a oak at Penrhys, a medieval pilgrimage was born
4. Twrch Trwyth At Cwm Twrch Uchaf, in a valley under the Black Mountain, a supernatural boar fought King Arthur’s men
5. Lady of the Lake Could Llyn y Fan Fach be where the legends of the Lady in the Lake and the Physicians of Mydffai were born?
6. Twm Sion Cati Here in the Celtic Rainforest of Gwenffrwd Dinas is where the Welsh Robin Hood hid from the law
7. Rhiannon At the Cistercian Abbey of Ystrad Flur, the monks first wrote down the tales of a powerful fairy queen from the Otherworld. She would become the star of a Fleetwood Mac song
8. The Devil’s Bridge At Pontarfynach, the Devil made a bet with an old woman to claim her soul – and lost!
9. Cantr’er Gwaelod At Borth, off the coast of Ceredigion lies a sunken forest. Legend says it is the site of the Welsh Atlantis
10. Owain Glyndwr Here in Machynlleth, the Last True Prince of Wales established a parliament in 1404
11. Pryderi In the mystical Coed Felenrhyd woodland, this legendary prince of Dyfed was slain by the trickster magician Gwydion
12. Tylwyth Teg At Pentrefoelas, in the shadow of Eryri National Park, is a place where fairies dwell – and sometimes march in procession!
13. The Oak at the Gate of the Dead Situated in the grounds of Chirk Castle, this ancient oak witnessed the 1165 bloody defeat of an English army